31st Annual Conference | 8th November 2019


EALA Annual Conference, Paris


Dear friends,

EALA is delighted to invite you to attend its 31st annual conference, to be held in Paris, a city which has played a significant role in Europe’s long history. It is known as a cultural capital of Europe; at the same time, it has been the site of political events which also affected aviation, the Treaty of Versailles of 27 June 1919 being a significant example. This treaty was followed by the conclusion of the Paris Convention Relating to the Regulation of Aerial Navigation on 13 October 1919, the first aviation agreement having a global reach. The Paris Convention was the forerunner of the Chicago Convention on international civil aviation of 1944. Hence, this year, and our next annual conference, will be marked by the celebration of the 100th birthday of the Paris Convention, and the 75th birthday of the Chicago convention which superseded the Paris Convention. Knowingly, the Chicago Convention has 193 contracting States and is thereby the oldest most ratified convention in the world still being in force. The European Air Law Association (EALA) invites you to its 31th Annual Conference in Paris on 8th November 2019, starting with the usual drinks and dinner at 7:30 pm on 7th November at Restaurant Maison Blanche. The conference itself is held at Cercle National des Armées.

This year’s conference will focus on the following, topical themes:

• The external relations of the EU, including the enactment of a new regulation on the safeguarding of fair competition in international air transport and the EU agreements with Qatar and the Association of South Easter Asian Nations (ASEAN). Obviously, due attention will be paid to the implications of Brexit which is expected to take place on 31 October next.

• This panel will be followed by a discussion on how to cope with the management of air traffic in Europe’s airspace which is becoming ever more crowded and impacted by questions on labour arrangements, the need to align technology among stakeholders and privatisation.

• After lunch, safety in relation to automation will be discussed. Panellists will, among others, explain the enormous implications of the recent aviation tragedies involving investigations regarding certification of aircraft and liability for the compensation of damages.

• The last panel will be devoted to the organisation of infrastructure. Special attention will be paid to the use of drones near airports and airport-airlines relations in the context of envisaged privatisation plans, with special reference to the situation in France. This topical agenda should attract all those who are involved with European and international aviation and we look forward to welcoming you in Paris. The conference will take place at the cercle national des armées, place Saint Augustin, located in down town Paris. This elegant, inspiring and historic venue has an utterly unique atmosphere. Traditionally, the conference will be concluded by the grant of the EALA’s prizes for the two best papers which have been written by students from all over the world in the past year. After that, we shall raise a glass to what has hopefully been a successful and inspiring conference. Please book at your earliest convenience for this interesting event organized by EALA.”